Performance Management

Convergent’s CEScore Makes Performance Management Easy

We all know it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. This in mind, customer engagement processes and touch points including customer acquisition and ongoing care require maximum performance. At Convergent, our success has been predicated by identifying key performance indicators and measuring all aspects of individual interactions. We believe “What gets measured gets done”. Therefore, we have developed and deployed a performance management platform that is unrivaled in our industry.


CEScore is a proprietary performance management tool, powered by TouchPoint One & Acuity. Simply put, CEScore "operationalizes” culture, aligning behavior from the frontline specialists and management teams with the overall goals of our client-partners.

We collect and assimilate disparate systems data and apply role-based dashboards, intelligent workflows, analytics and game mechanics to establish organizational alignment. In short, our goals systematically mirror our client’s goals, leading to financial and operational performance.

We set metric goals for teams and agents that are weighted, based on what is important and drives performance for our clients. Metrics measured within CEScore could include but are not limited to the following: CSAT, One Call Resolution, Quality Assurance scores, sales rates, save rates, service level obtainment, schedule adherence, compliance, and more.

Metrics are continually measured, and feedback on team and individual agent performance is posted on all team member desktop monitors in near real-time. Agents are continually updated on their standing versus goals. Each agent CEScore is used to determine individual performance and compensation. Our clients viewCEScore as a difference maker and a tool that sets us apart from other providers.









What Does CEScore Offer?

CEScore enables Convergent to apply role-based dashboards, intelligent workflows, analytics and game mechanics to establish organizational alignment and measure all aspects of individual performance – all based on what’s important and drives performance for our clients.

  • Displayed on EVERY DESKTOP from agent to CEO
  • Easy to understand, color-coded scoring
  • Integrated message board and links to other tools
  • Real-time updates of KPI performance, hours and pay
  • Ability to identify performance issues within seconds vs. Days
Custom KPIs/Balanced Score
  • Measure the KPIs that are important to your business
  • Combined and weighted KPIs produce a “balanced score”
  • Measure sales, customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency, attendance and more
  • Scores updated each day or in real time
  • Customizable targets for different locations, projects, teams and agents
Drill Down
  • Drill down to core data to determine root cause
  • Allows managers to identify and quantify performance problems within seconds
  • Compare scores, spot trends, identify performance drivers
Reporting and Analysis
  • Robust, flexible reporting system
  • Customizable, self-directed reports
  • Numeric or graphical, date range, trend, and comparison
  • Provides “actionable data”
  • All reports are printable and can be saved
Link Pay to Performance
  • Link performance to financial targets and results
  • Identify your most valuable employees based on the “balanced score”
  • Create a “pay for performance” plan, easily
  • Improve morale by ensuring compensation is fair
  • Drive performance through recognition and reward
QA Monitoring & Scoring
  • Flexible agent evaluation software tailored to your needs
  • Integrated evaluations, scoring and reporting
  • Easy analysis of each component of a transaction
  • Create multiple, customized QA forms for each project
  • Link QA results directly to agent and management pay
  • Testing and survey capability
  • Quicklly and easily create quizzes and tests
  • Send quizzes to agents, teams tracking results in real time
  • Identify problem areas and increase knowledge and performance
  • Create internal and/or external surveys

CEScore incorporates the use of gamification to help improve a full range of key performance indicators relevant to our clients’ businesses, leading to:

  • Improved business results
  • Improved employee engagement/experience
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased employee loyalty (reduce turnover)
  • Increased social/business interaction
  • Improved competitive advantage

Learn more about Gamification.

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